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Lake Michigans Left Coast logo, 5x7,, artist writer Elizabeth G Fagan
Lake Michigan’s Left Coast logo, 5×7,, artist writer Elizabeth G Fagan

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Elizabeth Fagan and Rosie, Chicago
Elizabeth Fagan and Rosie, Chicago

Elizabeth G Fagan is an artist, photographer, and writer. A former Chicagoan, Fagan resides in southeastern Wisconsin. She calls her place in the world Lake Michigan’s Left Coast.

Fagan attended The Hammonasset School, a private arts high school in Connecticut, where she began writing and taking photographs. She earned a BA in English at Grinnell College (Grinnell, Iowa) and the University of Illinois, Chicago (UIC). She has an MA in Linguistics with a specialization in teaching English as a second language (ESL) from UIC. Fagan later gained an associate degree in Web Development from Chicago’s DePaul University. As an editor at Rand McNally, Fagan edited and authored an award-winning series of atlases.

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