Five stars on for Rand McNally Atlas of World Wildife by Elizabeth G. Fagan

“Sometime around 2nd to 3rd grade, children become obsessed with learning about animals. The wise parent and educator will provide resources that foster learning about dogs, cats, marine animals, birds, and other wildlife. The Children’s Atlas of World Wildlife is an excellent addition to the family or classroom library. At first children just want to see all the kinds of animals that exist; then they want to know the names; and finally, they want to know where they live and why. This atlas answers all those questions for kids. The animals are presented in their ecosystems. A photograph represents the animal in their natural environment and discusses how each species lives and interacts in their environment. Colorful maps, appropriate for children, help youngsters explore regional climate, vegetation, and terrain and provides the reader with the reasons for why animals reside in their particular location of the world. A definitive glossary provides quick access to animal habitat vocabulary. World national parks and protective areas are identified. There is a section identifying endangered species. This is a tool that children will return to again and again.”