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High as an Elephants Eye Lake Michigan, 11x14, by Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigans Left Coast by Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigan's Left Coast
High as an Elephant’s Eye @ Lake Michigan, 11×14, by Elizabeth G Fagan

The unique beauty of Lake Michigan’s shoreline in southeastern Wisconsin inspires digital artist Elizabeth G Fagan. It’s where the wild majesty of the Great Lakes meets gently tended farmland. Four distinct seasons create visual masterpieces. For its geographic location, Fagan calls this place Lake Michigan’s Left Coast.

To create her art, Fagan first takes photographs. With her digital camera, she takes dozens or even hundreds of shots of a subject. Back in her studio, she reviews the images to carefully select the ones that best capture the visual interest of the subject. It might be the way the sunlight hit something that day. It might be a specific pattern or texture. Nearly always, there is a sense of time relative to place.

Blue Afternoon, February, Lake Michigan, 5x7, by Elizabeth G Fagan, digital art on, from Lake Michigan's Left Coast
Blue Afternoon, February, Lake Michigan, 5×7, by Elizabeth G Fagan

With her artwork, Fagan attempts to capture the essence of a scene or subject. She often minimizes visual noise to emphasize distinctive characteristics. She says she “explores natural and familiar scenes as they might appear in memories.”

Things Fagan loves: Arts & Crafts interiors, rustic antiques, American-primitive furniture, bungalows in Chicago neighborhoods. Encountering the genius of Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park, IL she says she had an epiphany. “Everywhere I looked in Wright’s studio, everything just made sense. It was perfect design.” Though Fagan is influenced by the past, her medium is state-of-the-art digital photography.

“I call my work ‘eclectic 21st-century,'” says Fagan.

Elizabeth G Fagan
Elizabeth G Fagan

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Fagan is passionate about the natural world and its creatures.
She highly recommends the work of Chicago-based nature photographer Mark Swanson.
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