Downy Woodpecker © Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigan's Left Coast

Downy Woodpecker

Downy Woodpecker, 5″x7″

“Holidays are fabulous subjects for art!” says artist Elizabeth G Fagan. She offers folded 5″x7″ greeting cards (with envelopes). Also available are prints and plaques in popular sizes. “A group of seasonal art immediately updates your foyer, hallway, or guest bath.” What better way to enjoy the changing seasons in your home.
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Wisconsin’s Changing Climate

The Great Lakes region of North America enjoys four seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter bring individual changes to the natural world. Tucked between lake bluffs on the west and Lake Michigan on the east, Lake Michigan’s Left Coast has its own mini-climate. “Weather is more moderate here,” says artist Elizabeth G Fagan.

Fagan says Wisconsin’s weather is unrecognizable. She’s seen a vast increase in stifling summer weather. “When I moved to Lake Michigan’s coast in Wisconsin, I looked forward to cool summers. Now summer means weeks of hot, humid weather—and the mosquitoes that go with it,” says Fagan.

Winter doesn’t arrive till after the solstice. “It used to snow by Thanksgiving. Now Fall means months of perfect weather.” Sunny, breezy days with low humidity, temperatures in the 60s–70sF. “Winter doesn’t arrive till January.” She adds that Wisconsin has been in a drought. “Climate will rapidly change again.”

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