September Sunset

September Sunset © Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigan's Left Coast

September Sunset, 20″x30″

“The hues in this September sunset were irresistible,” says artist Elizabeth G Fagan. “Natural beauty abounds in our backyards…and beyond,” Contact Fagan for purchase options.

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Art by Season

The Great Lakes region of North America enjoys four distinct seasons. Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter bring changes not just in average temperature. Animals, plants, the Great Lakes, even cloud formations are in seasonal flux.

“The climate here is more moderate than it is to the west and north,” says artist Elizabeth G Fagan. Lake Michigan’s Left Coast is tucked between lake bluffs on the west and Lake Michigan on the east. Temperatures that are cooler in Summer and warmer in Winter. “It’s more of a Maritime climate,” says Fagan.

Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigans Left Coast
Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigan’s Left Coast

About the Artist

Elizabeth G Fagan is an artist, photographer, and writer. She calls her place in the world Lake Michigan’s Left Coast.

Fagan describes her art as “Eclectic 21st-Century.” Fagan is a member of the Cedarburg (WI) Artists Guild. Her work can be printed in a variety of media: prints, canvases, wood panels, calendars, greeting cards, and more.

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