Never Say Never

Nevermore © Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigan's Left Coast
The Talking Heads were cool in the very beginning. I just heard The Big Country, a song from the second album.*

I flash back to The Mudd Club in lower Manhattan. A rush of speakers pumping Romeo Void’s Never Say Never. Lights are roller coasters speeding by in circles—electric blue pink chartreuse.

I flash back to my friend Jimi. I met Jimi in Chicago. Then he moved to NYC. In 1982 I visited him, stayed in his loft. We spent a fistful of nights in the clubs of lower Manhattan.

Jimi and I scrounged for food in Chinatown one afternoon. We had almost no money. We stepped into a photo booth and took some goofy pictures.

Jimi was gay. He frequented gay nightclubs in NYC in the early 1980s. He caught the HIV virus when it was called “the gay flu.” He got sick. Despairing his fate, Jimi hung himself.

I knew Jimi for only a handful of years. He was not another random person in a nightclub. He was one of the very few people I knew before we met. He was one of my people. I kept a photo strip from that afternoon in Chinatown. I framed it and look at it often.

*I never did live that way.

Elizabeth Fagan, Lake Michigans Left Coast,
Elizabeth Fagan, Lake Michigan’s Left Coast,

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