Great Lakes Memory

Great Lakes Memory, by Elizabeth G Fagan,, Lake Michigan's Left Coast

Great Lakes Memory, 8″x8″

Glaciers carried rocks from Earth’s early eras southward into the Great Lakes basin. By 2021, Lake Michigan had risen far beyond record high levels; high surf left behind an unending supply of rounded stones. “The Lake keeps washing up more rocks—millions and millions of multicolored rocks,” says Wisconsin artist Elizabeth G Fagan.

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Elizabeth G Fagan
Elizabeth G Fagan

About the Artist

Elizabeth G Fagan is an artist, photographer, and writer. She calls her place in the world Lake Michigan’s Left Coast.

Fagan describes her art as “Eclectic 21st-Century.” Her work can be printed in a variety of media: prints, canvases, wood panels, calendars, greeting cards, and more. Artwork dimensions given in inches.

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