Lake Michigan Wolf, 5×7

Digital artist Elizabeth G Fagan is an ardent lover of our fellow creatures. Contact Fagan to ask how your favorite pet or wild-animal photo could be turned into a digital-art keepsake.

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Lake Michigan Wolf, 5×7

Lake Michigan Wolf, 5x7, by Elizabeth G Fagan,
Lake Michigan Wolf, 5×7, by Elizabeth G Fagan,

Chicago—”The City by the Lake”—is a vital part of Lake Michigan’s Left Coast. Visitors are astonished at how well Chicago has preserved its Lake Michigan frontage. Much of Elizabeth G Fagan’s dog art is based on photos taken at the city’s Montrose Dog Beach—a haven where unleashed dogs are free to just be dogs. Dogs and their human companions visit the seven-acre park year-round. On summer weekends, one sees dogs (and people) of every type.

See more of Fagan’s art from Montrose Dog Beach.

Small art can fill large spaces when hung in multiples. Learn How to Hang a Group of Same-Size Prints

Art, content, photography,, and Lake Michigan’s Left Coast © 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 Elizabeth G Fagan


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