Lake Michigan's Left Coast

Lake Michigan Granite, Chert, Jasper, 8×8

Like the colors in this artwork? Receive your FREE custom palette based on colors from Lake Michigan’s Left Coast! Email digital artist Elizabeth G Fagan and specify your color preference:

  • Lake Michigan (slate blues & greens, both light and dark, navy, cobalt & sky blues)
  • Backyard & Beyond (pinks, reds, yellows, golds, bright greens)
  • Wisconsin, USA (browns, taupes, tans, plus seasonal colors

Lake Michigan Granite, Chert, Jasper, 8×8

Lake Michigan Granite, Chert, Jasper, 8x8, by Elizabeth G Fagan,
Lake Michigan Granite, Chert, Jasper, 8×8, by Elizabeth G Fagan,

Great Lakes beaches are strewn with multicolored rocks deposited by several waves of glaciers. The variety of rocks at Lake Michigan is enormous. As a photographer, I am fascinated by the effects of sunlight on natural settings. As a resident of Lake Michigan’s Left Coast, the images of sunlight on rocks and water are infinitely variable and always compelling. I try to capture a little of this unique beauty in my digital art.

More images of Lake Michigan rocks

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About the Art & Artist

Art, content, and photography © 2016, 2017, 2018 Elizabeth G Fagan, Lake Michigan’s Left Coast


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