Lake Michigan's Left Coast

Lake Michigan Farms, February, 8×12

Lake Michigan Farms, February, 8×12

Lake Michigan Farms, February, 8x12, by Elizabeth G Fagan,
Lake Michigan Farms, February, 8×12, by Elizabeth G Fagan,

For many years, my husband, my mother, and I would vacation in Door County, Wisconsin. We always went in late autumn. Driving back and forth from Ozaukee County, I began to notice a stretch of highway where you could look to the east and see farms and silos against the backdrop of Lake Michigan. The Lake shone so very blue, especially with snow on the ground. I hope to capture the essence of these unique vistas.
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Digital artist Elizabeth G Fagan is inspired by Lake Michigan’s shoreline in southeastern Wisconsin. It’s a unique place where the wild majesty of the Great Lakes meets gently tended farmland. It’s a place where the four seasons annually create visual masterpieces. It’s a place Fagan calls Lake Michigan’s Left Coast.

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Fagan’s process begins with her original photography. Then she creates digital art based on her photos. More about Fagan and her art

Art, content, and photography © 2016, 2017, 2018 Elizabeth G Fagan, Lake Michigan’s Left Coast


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