The Teens Arrived on Tuesday

The teens arrived on Tuesday
Then a deep dive
To single digits
German Shepherd in disabled crouch
Frozen pads, three nights
No beach walk for Rosie.

We missed
Meteor showers and a moon so full
An intruder over your shoulder.

In the twilight of Friday winter afternoon
A blizzard began
The teens returned.

Sky is Wisconsin slate
Dull, gray, opaque
But for boundless snow
No delicate flakes, this one
Dense snow dead serious
Massive accumulation.

A trudge
Through solid white sludge
To the beach
Rosie leaping in deep drifts
But meandering mostly, her tracks as proof
Nose on snow

Lake Michigan solidifying
Between drifted beach and dreadful waves
A frosty no dog’s land
Rosie customarily laps at water’s edge
But tonight finds something there
Between slush and ice
She does not venture beyond
Good girl


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