Lake Michigan's Left Coast

Green Talk Photos: Winter Preparations

November 2015

Elizabeth G Fagan wrote a column for the Ozaukee County News Graphic on behalf of Mequon Nature Preserve in 2015–16
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Green Talk November 2015 (© 2015 Elizabeth G Fagan)
An uncapped artesian well creates a picturesque stream alongside Mequon Nature Preserve’s headquarters. The water surfaces at around 55 degrees. It does not freeze over in winter, creating a natural water source for wildlife. Provide fresh water year-round for your outdoor neighbors, then enjoy the sight of them imbibing. (© 2015 Elizabeth G. Fagan)
Common buckthorn cannot hide at this time of year. While other trees have shed their leaves, the stubborn buckthorn still sports leaves of green. It is the perfect time to hunt down this invasive and eliminate it. In particular, target the trees with purple-black berries. Another nasty invasive that is still green: the dreadful Alliaria petiolata, commonly known as garlic mustard. (© 2015 Elizabeth G. Fagan)
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