Multivariate Testing 5

Fagan was Principal Content Developer for the websites of global bank HSBC. The role combined writing web content with developing front-end code, two of her strengths. HSBC bought and, which desperately needed redesigns. The two sites were essentially the same but served different markets.

Final Results

The new home pages were successful from the beginning. Both pages showed lift in conversion rates over the Default page, especially in percentages of mortgage loans—one of the marketers’ goals.

After 12 days of testing, the Sales page seemed to be the clear winner, with a 18.94 percent lift in conversion rates over the Default home page. The Sensibility page produced a 5.92 percent increase.

After a month of testing, however, HSBC marketers saw a different set of numbers. Although both new home pages continued to improve results over the Default, the Sensibility page emerged as the winner. The tables below show the final numbers.
Conversion rate as percentage of visitors to home page Percentage lift over Default
Default Personal Loan 4.40
Mortgage Loan 6.37
Sales Personal Loan 4.51 2.55
Mortgage Loan 7.07 11.07
Sensibility Personal Loan 5.18 17.60
Mortgage Loan 8.10 22.66
Default Personal Loan 9.67
Mortgage Loan 8.10
Sales Personal Loan 10.83 12.03
Mortgage Loan 8.53 5.36
Sensibility Personal Loan 11.46 18.58
Mortgage Loan 10.59 30.79